drd2001 (drd2001) wrote,

Countdown To DragonCon

Swag production is underway. These are not finished products, but I thought you might like a taste of what is to come. Art by Maggie Ramey and Phillips Chamberlain and Chandra Free.

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very nice :) Love the Dr. Girlfriend/Mrs. Monarch
Cool looking stuff! I was just thinking about what you might consider making this year for the con. Since it was announced at San Diego that the next Venture Brothers release (until the new season in 2013) would be a Halloween special a month after Dragon Con, I wondered what Halloween-centric items you may be able to come up with? Maybe some of your regular name badges of Hank and Dean, but using "zombified" versions of their faces? How about a hang tag that says "Venture Industries Zombie Hunter", and has a picture of Major Tom, Zombie Spaceman? Just throwing out a few things to consider, thanks once again for all of your own time and money you put into the con swag you give away!


July 28 2012, 06:55:07 UTC 8 years ago

Awesome can't wait to see the set!
Wow! Love the smoking hot Dr. Girlfriend tin. Do you need donations this year? Please let us know!


August 7 2012, 21:04:55 UTC 8 years ago

You spelled my name wrong its Chamberlin. But i wont hold it against you i was soooo excited to see that!


August 8 2012, 07:52:52 UTC 8 years ago

you spelled my last name wrong its actually Chamberlin i wont hold it against you i was excited when i saw this
That will be fixed right now. I'm working on the other prototype badges too. Was there anything else you would want me to add? An email or site address?


August 10 2012, 23:00:32 UTC 8 years ago

e-mail i dont have a websight


August 10 2012, 23:02:24 UTC 8 years ago

also if its not too much trouble i wont be able to attend dragoncon so would you mind mailing me one i can e-mail you my address if you wouldnt mind doing that
No problem. I'll also toss in some other swag for you too.


August 8 2012, 20:15:32 UTC 8 years ago

My fiance and I have Killinger's Magic Murder Tin from 2010 :)
Yay! Can't wait. :D