drd2001 (drd2001) wrote,

We Have A Winner!

The winner of the Hawt Love Perfume contest is gothicbeauty21! Everyone congratulate her!

With the holidays and other obligations, we are holding off on another contest for at least a few weeks. But we will be bringing more contests and prizes to you soon. However...

Cadet Recruiting! On the eve of the holidays and the cusp of a new year, we want you! That is right, we are recruiting for more AstroCadets. You know you want to be one, so why not. It's easy. Send an SASE along with your name and e-mail address (for newsletter purposes only) to PO Box 220393, Charlotte, NC 28222-0393. In return, you will receive your AstroCadet ID card, a tag flag (which doubles as a nifty bookmark) and a Soulbot sticker. There are special benefits to being an AstroCadet, such as a cool newsletter, opportunity for extra prizes and the prestige that comes with a completely fake job.

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