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Sunday VB Panel

Oh my, Sunday at Dragon*Con. What can be said? Well for starters, it was a very heavy activity day for Venture fans. It started with a panel at 2:30 that Doc had on Goth The New Goth, where he represented one type of goth (there are so many types). Located at the Westin, rumor has it that it was a good panel to attend to see Doc in action and get an autograph. I, however, was manning the fan table once again and missed it. So if you were one of the lucky ones who did see it and would like to share a report, let me know (I'll help you write it).

I think, however, that most fans were already queuing up for the Hammer & Urbaniak panel at 4pm. I got super lucky. Some kind people at the Artix Entertainment table were willing to cover for me. But some marvelous Venture fans who saw the massive line of those already waiting for the panel decided instead to give me a break so I could attend it myself. So a super scientastic "thank you" to Jake Baumgart and his friends and another young man who's name I didn't catch!

It is extremely difficult to report on any panel Doc and James are on. It's like Tangent City and the audience is on a city bus with no brakes. Some of what is said is the truth. Most is fun-spirited BS. All of it is entertaining. But hang onto your boots, cause Doc said they have been signed up for another two season. And that was no BS.

But it was eager fans who lined up to ask the fun questions (Doc and James both agree that D*C attendees ask better questions than those asked at the Comic Cons) and most of those fans got the fun prizes, things like Shallow Gravy t-shirts and CDs. And so many wonderful tidbits of information came out during this question and answer session. For instance, a favorite character for James to voice was the melted puddle guy from Tag Sale, You're It!. It turns out it was his impersonation of Paul Lynde, a fun simple silly voice. It was suggested from an audience member that James could always recycle that voice and use it for Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's mother. That idea was quickly vetoed. As for Doc. he said he liked to do Shore Leave because that voice is fun, easy and a just a more exuberant version of his own voice. But for an easy voice, Doc also said that he just drops in to the Henchman 21 voice when he argues with someone. ("Ah c'mon dude, really?") Steve Rattazzi it turns out has his Orpheus voice based on Derek Jacobi's Hamlet. That elongation and stretching of certain sounds is the result. And if you've not seen Jacobi's Hamlet, you should check it out. He's a brilliant actor who's even been knighted for his service to entertainment arts with shows and programs like I, Claudius and Cadfael.

Fun Fact: Doc has a lot of fun electronic toys, like the Wii and X Box. He rarely plays with them.

Another question from a fan addressed the issue of aging. Basically, we see Dean again as is evidenced by his badly grown mustache. Will we see such aging in other characters? Woooosh! There went Doc, off on a tangent regarding beards and facial hair in the next season. He claims there will be a lot of facial and all sorts of other body hair on everybody in the next season in that "oh so Doc" way he has of sharing information. An on the conversation ran to prostate issues and checking for cancers. The reality, however, is that teen characters do show more obvious signs of aging than already mature characters. Doc went on to point out that given the unique variety that pops up with regular characters in the show, how complex and utterly insane it would be to try and show such slow transitional issues as aging from episode to episode with the adults.

Fun Fact: The oddest thing that either James or Doc said they have been asked to sign was a prosthetic leg at another convention. Apparently the avid fan took his leg off and got them to each sign it. But since the plastic material that the leg was composed of would not hold the ink well and would quickly wear off, this fan took pictures of the signatures to memorialize them. And Doc said he sniffed it too.

The next question was aimed at the triumvirate of The Tick, Venture Bros and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Show. The connection being Ben Edlund. But none of the shows, Doc swears, occupies the same universe. They all are on their own and the scripts, he feels, shows a precious simple beauty, lacking in vulgarity. There is a lot of innocence in those shows. Or so he assumes. He's not been watching Dr. Horrible. The reminiscing on the working partnership with Edlund and Jackson led Doc to announce "I miss Jackson." After a brief discussion on how pissed Jackson would be if they called him right now, Ken Plume punched in the number and called. Publick said "Hi" and told Doc that he was busy writing. We all shouted back our love to Jackson.

Fun Fact: Doc said Ken's finger smells like fun and shampoo.

Another question that was asked was about the dubbing into other languages. That seems to fascinate Doc, seeing and hearing those other voices tweaked into the show. Doc said he saw a YouTube clip of the show in Spanish just before the clip was yanked. But he hadn't seen the one in Swedish yet. But he'd like to.

Fun Fact: Everybody Comes To Hanks was written in two days cause Doc said he was pissed when someone said he wrote too slow.

Finally, there were the beautiful sculptures on the panel table. One of Brock and one of Molotov. They are gorgeous and they are made by Sideshow Collectibles. Doc said if we fans wanted to see more, we had better break out out wallets and buy them up because strong sales only encourage more statues.

The panel was then immediately followed by a gathering of Venture fans in the Pulse bar for a costume contest hosted by the Venture Bros Blog. I meanwhile, was heading back to my fan table to give my dedicated helpers a break so they could see all the pretty costumes too. It was a great panel and a great time and I think all the fans had a lot of fun.

Fun Fact: They asked us to not do flash photography during the panel, hence the low quality of my photos.




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