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Dragon*Con Saturday

I'm afraid you won't hear much from me on the Venture panels for Friday night or Saturday because I wasn't able to attend. A downside to manning a fan table. But quite frankly, that is OK because I did get to meet so many super wonderful fans. But if you were one of the lucky people who did attend and would like to share your experienced, feel free to write up a report and send it to me or contact me and I'll help you get that written up.

But we did continued to hand out and assign Astrobase Cadet memberships and random jobs too. Doc Hammer even dropped by the table to say "hello" and got to check out the assignment process. He seemed pleased by the arbitrariness of it all and watched a new "guitar polisher" get their job assignment. (Fun Fact: Doc has only one bass guitar.) We continued like this until there were no more membership cards left except a few that seemed to be left over cause some new cadet accidentally filled out the wrong slots on the sign up form. So we drew an astrick on those and assigned them too. But people kept coming for more assignments to be Astrobase Cadets so we kept giving them tag flags and now assigned them really bizarre membership "numbers". Then we ran out of tag flags, and yet they still came, so we kept assigning numbers and letting them grab a fuzzy AstroBall to get their job assignments. A good time was had by all. And eventually I will post an edited version of the list. (Number, first name, job.) We are currently taking ideas for next year's random insanity. If you have any suggestions, speak up.

This year, we were lucky to have the support of some wonderful artists who's talents graced our swag. Cat Staggs for starters. She does that awesome Rolling Hive print that is a take on the Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover. She also did a nice piece just before the con of a pin-up style Dr. Girlfriend riding a Monarch rocket. www.catstaggs.com

Chandra Free (Spooky Chan) also had some of her artwork featured on tag flags as well as some round tins (can you say "Boom Yummy!") Her booth at the convention also featured a lot of fan art as well as her own graphic novel The God Machine. So if you have a favorite character, check out her work. She's probably drawn them already. www.spookychan.com

A new artist to me was the talents of Dwayne Biddix and Ari W. I am, however, sorry to say that I did not get as much of their art in use as I would have liked. There were so many wonderful pieces. I did, however, get some henchman stickers made as well as some round tins featuring henchman 21 love. But whatever you do, do not miss their www.BlueCracker.com Venture Bros comic book. Yes, that is right. They are doing their own comic and it is not only beautiful but just flat out fun and enjoyable.

I also got to talk to some artists who have offered to create some tag flag designs for next year. I think it's obvious by now that we need a Brock. Who else? What other kinds of tag flags would you like to see?

So do you want to see pictures of some awesome costumes and some super cool fans that I met?







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