drd2001 (drd2001) wrote,

Friday Fun

We got set up for Friday and what a fun time it was. There are so many fans who came up to help volunteer and be happy little orbital gofers for me during the day... (orbital gofers, whaaaa?)

One thing we decided to do this year as a bit of interactive fun was to created official Astrobase Cadets who were assigned membership numbers and given job assignments. Job assignments were decided by the fuzzy astroballs which each new cadet got to pick out in a magical ritual involving sticking your hand in a bucket. Jobs might have included Astrobase Security, Conjectural Concierge, Laundry Super Services, Orbital Gofer, Guitar Polishers and Butler, just to name a few.

Darn it! My battery is dying. So quickly, here are some pictures.





Tags: [adult swim], dr. venture, dragon*con, girlfriend, helper, henchmen, prov, venture bros

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