drd2001 (drd2001) wrote,

Shallow Gravy Tonight

At long last, fans eager for more Venture Bros now have Shallow Gravy to quench their thirst.

Every band has to start somewhere and you can join them on this journey to ultimate.... stardom? lol Who knows with Hank and Dermott where they'll end up. But they stand as good a chance as anyone. The episode airs at midnight, but leading up to it is 2.5 hours of past episodes. The listed schedule is as follows:

9:30     Buddy System
10:00  Tears of a Sea Cow
10:30   Everybody Comes to Hank's
11:00   Operation P.R.O.M.


12:00   Venture Bros: From Ladle to the Grave

But let's get honest. I love [as], you love [as] but... sometimes their schedualing leaves a bit to be desired. So I suggest to all you fans out there that if you are recording the episodes, set the timers to record a little extra just in case the timing is off.

Here is a link to the preview for those who have not checked it out yet. Shallow Gravy Preview


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