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Save the 3.75 Venture Bros Figures!

Check this out on the Mantis-Eye Experiment front page. They have an article on the dangling fate of these action figures.


Sometimes, this is the way it has to be. It's tough for a lot of companies to speculate on the popularity of a product market, especially for a niche market for an cable show. So do what you can. Christmas is coming soon. Ask your friends and family to order now. Or you can skip that Big Mac and instead put the money towards an action figure. Or buy more than you need to give to your Venture friends for Christmas. Get your shopping done early. Don't worry about their goal. Worry about your goal. Make your goal to find some way to order 3 or more figures. At $9.99 it's a steal. Or order a set featuring 5 characters for a discounted price.

Series 1 Revision 1 Venture Bros Figures - 3.75"

This Series 1 Revision 1 set includes 5 individually packaged Venture Bros. action figures (subject to change):
1x Hank Venture
1x Dean Venture (Buddy Holly)
1x Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
1x Dr. Venture (Red Speed Suit)
1x Phantom Limb (Season 1)

Individually, you can buy all of the above as well as Brock Samson and The Monarch!

Venture Bros 3.75" Figures

So check it out and buy while you can.... or else the Krampus will get ya! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

No, seriously y'all. But 'em while you can. Ratings are only one way a network values a show. Strong merchandise salse are another. Show [adult swim] and Venture Bros your love. Pre-order a love figure today!


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